White Diamond Tantra God Massage

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A Romantic Tantra Experience

Pure relaxation and erotic bliss - I am now offering the 90 minute White Diamond Tantra Massage again however, I still highly recommend 2 hours in order to fully immerse yourself deep into the tantric experience. I'm offering the 90 minute option for those those pressed for time and those not yet able to commit themselves to a full 2 hours. If you are on the fence about which length of time to choose, please keep in mind that the longer the session the deeper we are able to connect to one another, and thus the more pleasurable it is for you.

  • You‘re nude, I’m in sensual lingerie

  • Diamond Tantra Lovers Intimacy Ritual

  • 1-way massage

  • Erotic hot oil application

  • Calming body massage

  • Erotic tantra lingam massage

  • Non caress reciprocation (simply relax & be pampered)

Lingam massage specialized techniques:

  • Pressure point massage

  • The squeeze

  • Tunneling

  • The Omega

Regular Business Hours

90 min. $397

2 hrs. $497

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