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In Love

4 hour VIP Gold Diamond Tantra Massage & Goddess Worship Lesson


New York, NY

The session I had with Megan was the best I've ever had! She was tender, loving, natural. There was no pressure, only the moment. Time seemed to stop. It was much more than physical pleasure, it was connecting to a wonderful human being at a deep emotional level. Looking into Megan's eyes and feeling her close made everything else melt away. For the few hours I spent with Megan, I was in love. Afterwards, I was in a calm and peaceful state that lasted for a long time, similar to that achievable through meditation. I was floating in the clouds, no worries able to touch me. I cannot wait to come back!

A Lesson In Sensual Pleasure

4 hour VIP Gold Diamond Tantra Massage & Goddess Worship Lesson


Santa Monica, CA

Wanting to improve upon my skills while enjoying a relaxing experience for myself I opted for the 4 hour Gold Tantra God/Goddess Massage. Megan's approach is informative and attentive to detail. She has a thorough understanding of what she does and is very good at explaining it. She has even given names to various techniques in order to describe them properly. I found all of those concepts to be true and accurate! Everything I could imagine and more. She taught me things that I can use to make my relationships stronger and more pleasurable. Things I wish I had known years ago!

Genuinely Decadent Experience

3 hour VIP Gold Diamond Tantra Massage After Hours


Las Vegas, NV

Megan, I just wanted to send you a sincere thank you for the incredible session we recently are a lovely master of the tantric experience, providing a genuinely decadent experience...gently and sensually guiding me through the rituals. This being my third opportunity to enjoy your lovely company, I enjoy our time increasingly with each session. You have an amazing ability of quickly making the stress and pressures of the world slip away...I always leave our sessions with a renewed spirit and energy. Your Red Tantra service can only be truly appreciated by being experienced. I am anxiously anticipating our next session doubt you will amaze me once again! XOXO

Life Changing

2 hour Red Diamond Tantra Massage


Toronto, ON

Megan has been an amazing tantric coach for me. From the time i had my first session, my life has changed into a positive whirlwind. She exudes positivity in every way, and after the session you literally feel on Cloud 9. She is an extraordinarily beautiful woman with kindness in her eyes, which makes you feel at complete peace. From the moment i leave from my session, i can't wait to schedule my next appointment. I am greatly indebted to her.

Thank you.


2 hour Red Diamond Tantra Massage


Vancouver, BC

A Tantric Massage with Megan was one of my best erotic experiences. Megan's website doesn't do justice to her beauty. She is one gorgeous woman. Her massage was gentle, relaxing and transfiguring. I intend to enjoy many more of Megan's caressing massages including her new Gold Tantra God Massage.

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