Sessions Explained

The three questions I get asked the most are:

1. What is the difference between the sessions?

2. Which one is the best for beginners?

3. Which one is my favourite?

The color spectrum, White, Pink, Red and Gold are your options between the most relaxing and the most erotic. All sessions are both relaxing and erotic however, The White sessions are the most relaxing and The Gold sessions are the most erotic. Those seeking the most erotic Diamond Tantra experience will choose The Gold Diamond Tantra God/Goddess Massage. The Gold Diamond Tantra God Massage comes in at a close 2nd. For those seeking a strictly one-way massage, those who wish to simply relax and be pampered with no mutual interaction will choose The White Diamond Tantra God Massage or The Pink Diamond Tantra God Massage.


Below are two simple charts to easily understand the differences between the sessions.


Keep in mind that while you are fully immersed in the experience of tantric pleasure, you will see that time seems to go by rather quickly. Therefore I highly recommend reserving longer time if you are able to do so. I have shorter time options however, for those who are pressed for time. or perhaps not yet ready to commit to a full session. You may wonder whether 3 or 4 hours may be too long, but you will feel differently once you are in the calm and relaxed state as I guide you through new heights of relaxation and pleasure. You will not want the experience to end. During the body massage I focus on activating several hidden male erogenous zones which trigger a more intense and more fulfilling release of energy at the end. The longer that I am able to focus and go slow and deep within these erogenous zones, the more electrifying the energy release will be. Also its important to understand that in order to fit The Diamond Tantra Massage Session into shorter amounts of time some parts are omitted and most parts are shortened, which may create a rushed experience. You may prefer that and that is completely fine.

Diamond Tantra God Massage

White  Pink  Red  Gold

Full Body Massage                ✅         ✅        ✅        ✅

Lingam Massage                    ✅         ✅        ✅        ✅

Lingerie                                    ✅         ❌        ❌        ❌

I'm Fully Nude                         ❌        ✅        ✅        ✅

Light Touching Me                  ❌        ❌        ✅        ✅

Erotic Touching Me                 ❌        ❌        ❌        ✅

Sensual Body sliding              ❌        ❌        ✅        ✅

Erotic Body Sliding                  ❌        ❌        ❌        ✅

Erotic Mutual Interaction           ❌        ❌        ❌        ✅

Diamond Tantra God/Goddess Massage

Red     Gold

Full Body Massage (You)                     ✅              ✅

Lingam Massage                                    ✅              ✅

I'm Fully Nude                                        ✅              ✅

Goddess Worship Lesson                    ✅              ✅

Light Touching Me                                 ✅              ✅

Erotic Touching Me                               ❌              ✅

Sensual Body sliding                             ✅              ✅

Erotic Body Sliding                                 ❌              ✅

Erotic Mutual Interaction                       ❌              ✅

Body Massage (Me)                                ✅              ✅

Sensual Yoni Massage                            ✅              ✅

Erotic Yoni Massage                                ❌              ✅

If this is your first time experiencing tantra then you may go ahead and go straight for The Red or The Gold Diamond Tantra Massage if you so desire. It is not necessary to start off with the White or Pink. As your Diamond Tantra Goddess I completely guide you through every moment. You do not need to be skilled in anything tantra, massage or spirituality. The only thing that you need to do is to be open to being pampered and cared for during the time that you are in my presence, from beginning to end.

If you still feel as though you would like to start out slow and work your way up to a more erotic experience at a later date, or you simply wish you relax and have a 1-way pampering experience, then the White or Pink will be perfect to you.

It is completely normal to feel a bit nervous if this is your first time, but after we chat a bit and become acquainted to one another you will start to feel completely calm and relaxed even before the massage begins.

As far as my favourite, I enjoy the gentle and erotic touch of a man during the Gold Diamond Tantra God Massage and the erotic yoni massage during the Gold Diamond Tantra God/Goddess Massage the most. That being said I do enjoy the sessions of every color; so long as you are in a state of complete bliss.