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Diamond Tantra God/Goddess Massage Sessions

​Learn the art of sacred intimacy as you experience the most seductive, sensual and deeply erotic tantric ritual. This 2-way God/Goddess worshiping massage experience will change everything you know intimacy between a man and a woman to be.

I’m going to teach you how to slow down and how to take your time with a woman. The different touch techniques in relation to the way a woman enjoys being touched versus how a man enjoys being touched, which are different. This is key to being an excellent lover.

After your lesson on Goddess Worship we practice the Diamond Tantra Lovers Intimacy Ritual, which will be followed with the Diamond Tantra God massage, transporting you into a heavenly dimension, creating a feeling of euphoria and ecstasy throughout your whole body. Then you will get to test out your Goddess Worship knowledge by spoiling me with a Goddess Massage which includes both a body and yoni massage.

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These engagements are very erotic and sensual yet still very respectful. They are available only to kind and respectful gentlemen who desire to become skilled in the art of tantra and sacred intimacy.

Take your time to explore the different tantra massage sessions that I have lovingly developed based off of traditional, ancient tantra techniques and rituals. If you need help deciding CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE to read what others have to say.

You will find the times slots that I have available by clicking on your desired session and viewing the calendar. Do not contact me requesting availability as I always keep my online schedule up to date.

Vancouver tantra tantric sensual erotic massage
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